apo skip hire lorry

We operate an 18 tonne lorry which allow us multiple access options when it comes to delivery of skips to your premises.

The 18t Lorry will deliver to 12 yard for light waste but only 6 yard for heavy waste.

If you know access to your property or road is narrow or tricky you can call for advice.



Mini Skip – 3 Cubic Yards


153 × 100 × 74 cm

Great skip to hire for small house or gardening jobs.

mini skip hire
3 yard skip hire

Mini Skip – 4 Cubic Yards


180 × 120 × 100 cm

For trade or residential use. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom refits. Fill to a level load.

mini skip hire
4 yard skip hire

Midi Skip – 5 Cubic Yards


255 × 122 × 100 cm

Our 5 cubic yard skip is a perfect skip to hire for trade or residential use. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom refits. Fill to a level load.

mini skip hire
5 yard skip hire

Small Builder Skip – 6 Cubic Yards


260 × 150 × 120 cm

The Nations favourite and a great al rounder. The skip you most often see in residential streets.

builders skip hire
6 yard skip hire

Large Bulder Skip – 8 Cubic Yards


320 × 170 × 120 cm


For trade and residential use. The largest skip for heavy waste ex. brick and soil waste. Also ideal for general house clearance. Fill to a level load.

builders skip hire
8 yard skip hire

Maxi Skip – 10 Cubic Yards


370 × 170 × 150 cm

Suitable for large amounts of bulky, lighter waste like house and garage clearances.

maxi skip hire
10 yard skip hire

Maxi Skip – 12 Cubic Yards


370 × 170 × 170 cm

Fot trade or residential use. Ideal for large house clearances and bulky items. Not suitable for soil or hardcore. Fill to a level load.

maxi skip hire
12 yard skip hire


With regards to access to your premises, and making sure we are able to site your skip where you need it, you will need to consider the following issues:


Parked cars can be a major issue with us reaching your property. Roads nearby to schools require consideration around delivery times, also if you know that regularly cars double park on your road then these are things to bear in mind.

If cars regularly park opposite the access to your property, if the road is not wide enough then you may need to think about blocking the space off or making sure you can move cars when we plan to deliver the skip.


skip hire lorry low bridges

If there height restriction bars or low bridges on route to your property, let us know and we can plan our routes to avoid any delays in delivery.


skip hire driveway gates

Is your property accessed via gates? If so please make arrangements for us to be able to access these for when your skip is delivered or collected.

You will also need to consider the width of these so that you are sure our lorries will fit through. Please see our lorry dimensions in the chart above.




skip hire electric pole

These hazards can be extremely dangerous to the public, our staff and our vehicles.

Be sure to notify us before delivery of any overhead cables either on route to your property or on your property which may affect us. When delivery the overall height of the lorry is increased when the arms are off-loading and loading skips.


Tree green waste skip hire

Whether on your road or property, overhanging trees can cause damage to our vehicle, cause a hazard to the public from broken falling branches.

Also should any tree be a decorative feature on your property, damage to it in the course of delivery would not be ideal so consideration to that when planning your delivery and where you want the skip should be made.


If your driveway is shared with a neighbour it would well be worth mentioning your intention to hire a skip to avoid any tensions at a later date.

If you don’t have a driveway, skips can be placed on the road or public highway. We can advise you on the procedure and cost for this. Notice is usually required by the local council of 5 working days so please bare this in mind when planning the delivery date.


Should your property be on a cul-de-sac or a road with no through-route, this is something you will have to factor into skip hire. Our lorries need enough room to manoeuvre in and out of your street safely.

Keep in mind how much space there is for turning if your street has a lot of parked cars, too. By letting our drivers know about the layout of your road you can help avoid ticking off your neighbours and blocking other vehicles.

Driveways, Manholes & Sewers

Loaded skip lorries are very heavy items. If you think your driveway or pavement outside will not sustain this weight without causing damage, please contact us before.

Manholes, sewer entry points and stop cocks should be avoided from running over or blocking with the skips.

A member of our team will be able to help with all these considerations when you book your skip. This will then ensure a much smoother delivery and collection of your skip.


skip hire hazardous waste disposal

Our skips are great for a variety of purposes, so whether you’re carrying out home and garden DIY projects, or you’re a contractor looking to get rid of building waste, we’ll be able to help.

It’s important that you tell us in advance which waste types you need to dispose of as there are some items and materials which may not be able to take or where prior arrangement is required. Please see our “What can you put in your skip?” for a list of these.

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